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History of Paramine

Origin story.

On October 10th, 2018 we successfully surpassed our Kickstarter goal and shipped hundreds of wallets all across the world!  Earlier this year in 2019, we completely sold out of our wallets. Now, we are back for the holiday season and we are stocked up with a great promotion going on. We are excited to see our community continues to grow and we are incredibly stoked to create the best quality products. We just can't wait to see where or what you can do with them!

We can't stress this enough, but we couldn't have been as successful as we are now if it wasn't for the amazing people that supported during our kickstarter phase. 

Our Backers.

Alek Fredericksen 
Leo Reed 
Shane Ige 
Jeffrey price 
Rob Heflin 
Parker Elliott 
Benny gunawan 
Shahzad Arif
Jerome A. Dennis 
John Roussos 
Nick Accuardi 
Erik Johnson 
Jason Ajimine 
Reed Martin 
Tiffanie Nguyen 
Anthony Caines 
Sarah Elizabeth Holt 
Josep M. Mainat 
Valeria Cosgrove 
Brad Hayashi  Christopher
Balazy  Tristan Kaonohi 
Pierre Garcia 
Brandon Wester 
Wendy Shigeta 
Nicholas Kanno 
Brandon King 
Jake Galves 
Emily Sandoval 
Leina Mizusawa 
Michael Humphrey 
Chao Tsung Liu 
Pouya Rad 
Michael Rinzler 
Julia Kimoto 
Wolfgang Weissinger
Robert Cichy
Gregg  Nicolas Vigier 
Sameez Charania 
Dave Marden 
John Frey 
Mattias Mikaelsson 
Dylan Tran 
Ivaylo Ivanchev 
Michael Joachim 
Daryl Grizzle 
Reece Mitsuyasu 
Kirsten Rivera 
Elena Bernard 
Nick Huey 
darlyn may dela cruz 
Corrine Shigeta  Manish
 Alyssa Nguyen 
Edgar muñoz Ramírez 
Lauryn Tachino 
darlyn may dela cruz 
Poong Zui Yong 
Evan Stoltz 
Clifford Eu 
Casey Schurman 
Witon Yee
Dayne Okamura 
Kathleen Fox 
Aaron Yamasaki 
kevin guarnes 
Henry Kuwahara
Evan Suemori 
Trent Geronimo 
Kait Yap 
Mario Manzo 
Paige McKinney 
Jeremy Revlock 
Julia Heseltine 
Paul Shigeta
 Jenna Parks 
Robert Allen 
Emily Holguin 
Aileen Calletano 
Annie Nguyen 
Tyler Johnson 
Dagan Kay 
Michael Williamson
Crystal Sandoval 
Elyse Nishikawa 
Joann Mark 
Mary Roussos 
Annette Mark 
Amber Aki 
Evan Turek 
Stephen Yates
Shayna Barker 
Kasey Sugano 
Jan Chang 
Laura Perkins 
Noemi Del Rosario 
Corey Fox 
Allen Lawrenceist 4
Mike Beecher 

We Made a Commercial.

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